Due to other commitments and the time it takes to compile the information for our updates, we have decided to publish our accounts and overview every two months.

August and September saw us process 25 orders. Of these orders, 15 were placed by women and 10 were placed by males. The average order value was £14.09. We have seen a slight increase in orders through August/September.

Our biggest expense this month is £116.05 as we felt it was time to purchase some hoodies and leaflets to help reach out to more people and advertise the work we do. This is the only planned advertising we have and a large portion of that cost was design work. A copy of our leaflets will be posted on our social media channels soon.

We attended a Talking About Loss Wellbeing event last month where we handed over a cheque for £300 which will go towards the services they offer. This brings our donation total to £500. This is an amazing amount of money and we can’t thank you enough for your support.

Our payment processing fees and postage fees are a little higher these last couple of months due to us venturing onto eBay to sell some items. Since eBay and PayPal have parted, all payments are done through their own payment system. Unfortunately this has seen an increase in the fees they offer. When someone purchases items from Preloved Sports, the maximum fee is 2.4% + 20p. Some of eBay’s fees equate to around 17%. A recent example is a pair of trainers we recently sold where the total income was £40.00. The fees and postage took that down to £29.00. With this steep learning curve, we are limiting the items we list on eBay but the best deals will always be found on the Preloved Sports website.

ACCOUNTS: 01/08/2021 to 30/06/2021

Here is a breakdown of our Accounts. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Income through sales£338.11£1,162.77
Other Income£0.00£0.11
TOTAL INCOME£338.11£1,162.77

Payment Processing Fees£40.52£79.36
Packaging Supplies£10.49£34.03
Other Outgoings£116.05£172.57
TOTAL OUTGOINGS£246.21£480.58

Total Profit for Charity (all-time)£682.19

Finally, thank you so much for your amazing support. By donating your Preloved items to us or buying Preloved items, you are helping to reduce waste whilst helping others who either benefit from a clothing donation or by receiving help through the loss of a loved one.

What’s Next for Preloved Sports?

We are putting plans in place to register Preloved Sports with Companies House as a Community Interest Company to offer us some protection as we start to take-off. It is a lengthy, complicated process and we need to be sure we can manage the accounts to help keep our costs to a minimum.. We will provide an update on this as and when we can.

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