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Garment Condition Grading

Every item we receive through Preloved Sports is examined so we can then decide whether the item will be resold, redistributed or repurposed. Gradings can vary between individuals as something we may list as good may be excellent to someone else. To help clarify to how we assess items, we have the following gradings.

  • BRAND NEW – Items with this grade are unworn and complete with the original, manufacturer tags.
  • LIKE NEW – Items appear to be new but but are missing the original manufacturer tags. Items with this grade may have been worn a couple of times but has no defects. The original box/packaging may be missing.
  • EXCELLENT – Items with this grade have been worn but looked after and show minimal signs of wear. Some items may have a small defect but the overall condition is excellent (no holes, tears, etc). Any defects are listed separately.
  • VERY GOOD – Items will show some very light signs of wear but are in overall great condition.
  • GOOD – Item is showing signs of wear through use and washing. There may be small defects which are listed separately.
  • REASONABLE – as with a good item but showing more signs of wear. This is the lowest grading we have as anything that falls short of this grade is redistributed or repurposed. Items with this grade may have plenty of life left in them and some may need a small repair. Reasonable condition items will usually be half the price of our excellent items.
  • WITH DEFECT – This grade may be added to any of the above gradings and details of this defect will be added to the listing.