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New Partnership: RUNABLE

We have just teamed up with RunAble.

More details to be announced soon, but in the meantime, go and check them out:
“Looking for a fun and exciting way to stay active and healthy? Look no further than RunAble! Our events offer a variety of races and challenges that are perfect for runners of all levels & abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, you’ll find something to challenge and inspire you at RunAble.

Our team of experienced race organisers and passionate runners are dedicated to creating high-quality events that are safe, fun, and memorable. From scenic 5k runs to challenging Ultra Marathons, we have something for everyone. And with our easy-to-use online registration system, signing up for a race has never been easier.

At RunAble, we believe that running is more than just a sport – it’s a way of life. That’s why we’re committed to building a community of runners who share our passion for fitness, fun, and adventure. “