We are looking for individuals, local businesses and community hubs around Yorkshire to team up with us and become a Preloved Partner.

What is a Preloved partner?

As a Preloved partner, you will act as a donation station / drop-off point so those who live close to you would drop off their Preloved Sports items. We will require you to store them for us until we are able to collect them from you. We are a newly formed organisation and hope to have a pickup rota setup in the near future.

What’s in it for me?

At the moment, this is purely a voluntary role, especially in the early days as we are still in the process of setting everything up (trust us, there is a lot to do still) and we’re still fine tuning our procedures.

You will have your drop off point on our Donation page (if you are an individual, we will not display your address) and we are hoping to do a feature on our site / social media channels in the future that shows the drop off point location and a little bit about your business / community hub.

If you are able to help and become a Preloved Partner,
please contact us.

We have measures in place to make donations as safe as possible. Donation points are not required to handle any items. Our aim is to supply you with a box or bin which we collect from you and is wiped down before it is returned to you. Social distancing guidelines are followed, masks will be worn and hands sanitised on collection. Please contact us if you have any concerns.