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Size Guides

Many of the items we receive come with their size either printed on the clothing or on a label. Some unfortunately don’t. From experience, we know that sizes can vary somewhat and a medium in one pair of leggings, may not fit the same as another pair of medium leggings.

Following a suggestion from one of our returning customers, we have decided to include a size measurement alongside the manufacturers XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL size. Where items are provided with a ladies size (eg UK 8) or a waist measurement in inches, then we have no need to provide an extra measurement. To help explain our sizing, we have added a couple of images below.

Although many items are designed to stretch, the measurements taken are of the items laid flat and not stretched out. This is the most accurate way we can obtain a guideline measurement.


With the items laid flat, the measurement is taken from armpit to armpit. In this example, the measurement would be 17″.


With the items laid flat, the measurement is taken across the widest part of the waist band. In the example to the left, the measurement would be 16″.