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Working together to help support change

Re-Action is a social enterprise who help their member organisations save resources, reduce waste and cut carbon emissions.

How? By sharing best practice on rescuing products, reviving them through repair and repurposing them. We advise on the best ways to redistribute items through resale, rental and donation and how to reallocate profits to regenerate the outdoors. The engagement of outdoor sports communities is key to this model.

You can check out the work Re-Action do here:

Preloved Sports x Re-Action

We became a member of the Re-Action Collective in 2022 as our business model and ethics, fits perfectly into Re-Action’s mission of reducing waste whilst making sports more accessible to others through the resale of Preloved Sportswear.

Being members of the Re-Action Collective allows us to work with other members who redistribute, repair, repurpose, resale or recycle different types of outdoor wear. We are also able to use our expertise to offer advice on member organisations through our resale model.

Cheap Polyester Event Tees

Polyester event tees are our biggest nemesis. They are mass produced and usually covered in sponsors. Since September 2022, we have been donated thousands of them and this is only the very tiny tip of the iceberg.

Polyester clothing doesn’t decompose and options for recycling are very limited. We’ve been fortunate that homeless and refugee charities have accepted these for their end users but there may come a point when this stops.

So what are we doing about this?

Last month, we were approached by the Oxford Food Hub who wanted some event tees for their half marathon event in October. This got us and Re-Action thinking.

Can we rebrand polyester tees and other polyester garments and keep them in circulation?

The answer is YES..!

With the help of Re-Action, a heat press was sourced and we’ve worked with a company who has created us a batch of logos for printing. We have been busy experimenting with different material types, temperatures and time. Some of the experiments didn’t work but it’s all part of the learning curve.

So far, the results are promising. We have had some failed attempts like this green tee (pictured) but this is all part of a learning curve. Part of our testing has included the covering up of

We are still carrying out some experiments to help us develop our model with some aims for the very near future, including the ability to send us your favourite garments to show your support to the change.

Our first batch of rebranded garments are available to purchase from our shop. Check out the Rebranded Garments category to see what we have on offer. We hope to add more garments in the near future.

Thank you for supporting us on this pilot.