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1% Club Heat Pressed Logo


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The 1% Club started as an idea to do something for the planet for my 50th birthday. I wanted to be a bit healthier, so I thought I’d aim to be active every day, and in return, I’d plant a tree. I asked a few friends if they’d join me.

A few friends kind of snowballed.

The 1% Club has grown into a group of encouragers and enthusiasts, all with different levels of fitness, each looking to be active as many times as possible every week and help do something for the planet.

We have our own private community if you need a bit of motivation, or to encourage others, and to share experiences. There are virtual meet-ups and a sharing book club. It‘s a little bit of sunshine on a cloudy day.

We’d love to have you on board with us. There’s something quite incredible knowing that every day our actions are changing the world just a little bit. Knowing that however bad my day has been, a ten minute walk, or a quick run will plant a tree and make a difference. That’s epic.

1% Club Heat Pressed Logo

Preloved Sports CIC is a member of Re-Action, a Collective of different small businesses trying to make a difference. We have teamed up with Tash from Earth Runs to have a load of logos printed and ready to press onto your favourite running tee. Here’s how it works;

  • You purchase this item and in the order notes, tell us where you would like the logo placing. This can be almost anywhere on the garment and we can place this over the top of existing logos. If in doubt, just email us at
  • Package up your tee and post it to us. Most tees fit in a large letter box but please note that you are required to pay the postage for sending your tee to us.
  • Once we have received your tee, we assess it to see if it’s suitable for pressing. If it is, great. We will get to work straight away. If your garment isn’t suitable, we will return your tee and provide you with a refund.
  • Once the logo has been applied, we will package up the tee and return it you. Preloved Sports covers the cost of the return postage.
  • Enjoy.

The proceeds goes towards supporting the work we do in reducing waste heading to landfill.

The logo is 58mm in diameter.