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Talking About Loss

Preloved Sports has been setup in my dad’s memory who lost his battle to leukemia in May 2019. He left a huge hole in our lives. My dad had a heart of gold and always had a passion to help others. By setting up Preloved Sports, we are able to help others by offering help and support to those who are new to running / cycling, helping reduce the environment impact unnecessary waste creates and raising money for a charity who help support people through the grieving process.

Me and my dad biking in Grisedale Forest, Lake District

Since losing my dad, I used running as a focus to help ease my pain. In the summer of 2020, I began to struggle and reach an all time low. Running wasn’t helping and I was beating myself about it.

It was as that point I turned to Talking About Loss. They offered me so much help and support from a bereavement counselor who helped me understand grief, the emotions that come with it and how to cope with them. It was at that point they explained that you don’t ever get over grief. You learn to deal with it and adapt your life around it. I miss my dad everyday and there are days I really struggle but I can cope with it better by doing something special or pausing on a run at a stunning viewpoint and have some me time.

Talking About Loss also offer free Zoom sessions on a Saturday afternoon for a cuppa and a chat and once restrictions allow, these will change to in-person meetings.

Talking About Loss are there for everyone. They rely on kind donations to help offer this service to those struggling with grief. To find out more about Talking About Loss and the work they do, please visit their website: or visit their Facebook page: Talking about Loss | Facebook