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Welcome to Preloved Sports

Our aim is to give your unwanted preloved sports clothing, shoes, accessories and technology a new home whilst raising money for local charities.

At Preloved Sports, we rely on kind donations which we then process and sell through our website (which is currently under construction). We keep all clothing and shoes for a period of 6-12 months and if after that they have not been sold, these will be donated to a local homeless charity so nothing is wasted.

As with all organisations, we have our overheads. I have tried to keep these to an absolute minimum however some are inevitable and these will be taken from our income with ALL (yes I really mean all) profits being donated to our selected charities. Our aim is to be completely open and transparent, publishing our finances so you know how much has been made for local charities.

There is still loads to sort out but our updates will be posted up on our website and our Facebook Page.