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A couple of weeks ago, we met with Talking about Loss to discuss how we can help support the charity and those who are struggling within our communities.

Although our aim is to reduce waste whilst raising money for charity, we want to as an organisation, help those who need us whether that be a chat, meeting up, a run / ride / walk or by donating items to an individual who is struggling.

We’re in the process of setting up a referral scheme with Talking About Loss. Fitness is a good form of release through the challenges grief brings. If the charity identifies someone who is wanting to get into fitness but is struggling financially, the charity will refer them to us so we can donate them some clothing and footwear to help get them started. More details on this will follow shortly but we hope to have this in place by March.

Couch 2 5K

Although we’re from a running background, we’re hoping to start the NHS Couch 2 5k to help people beat those mental challenges whilst also giving you an opportunity to meet with others in what has been a challenging 2 years. Those who are new to running will have the opportunity to join a dedicated group to help motivate each other. Our plan would be to follow the app and allow you to run on your own or with others. Then we’ll meet us once a week for a run, followed by a chat and a cuppa afterwards. More details to follow.

Yorkshire Marathon

Have you ever fancied doing a marathon or even being part of a marathon relay team? Co-Founder Michael has already entered the Yorkshire Marathon and we’re currently looking into having a Preloved Sports / Talking About Loss Team to raise money for the charity. Unlike other charities, we won’t offer a reduced fee with a minimum fundraising target. We feel it is better for you to enter normally then contact us to join our team. Then setup a JustGiving page and start raising money without any minimum commitment other charity places normally offer. So whether you raise £20 or £200, it will all go to those who are struggling with the loss of a loved one.

We’re also hoping to setup a relay team so if you ever fancied being part of a marathon but not do the distance, then this could be the option for you. The team will be made up of 6 people, each running different distances (between 3 and 6.1 miles). We’re currently making some enquiries into this and details will be announced soon.


We can’t thank you all enough for your amazing support. Everyone who is donating, buying or even spreading the word, we couldn’t do this without you. THANK YOU so much for your support 🤩

Feel free to drop us a message if you have any ideas or if you just want to chat. Our inbox is always open. We know how difficult things can be so please reach out.