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FINALISTS: Best Charity Initiative of the Year

We’re pleased to announce that Preloved Sports CIC is a finalist of the National Running Show Awards in the category of Best Charity Initiative of the Year.

Preloved Sports stops sportswear going to landfill by collecting, rebranding and reselling it via our online platform. We also redistribute clothing to homeless people, refugees and people living in poverty. Our work makes running and fitness more accessible and affordable. Any profit is reinvested to grow our impact.

Thank you to everyone who nominated us for the award. It is amazing to know that our work is having a positive impact on the lives of others, through the resale of Preloved Sportswear, making sports more affordable) or through the redistribution of Preloved Sportswear to people in need.

We have helped a large number of people and this is only made possible by people like you donating their Preloved Sportswear to us, giving a new lease of life and putting a smile on someone’s face. We’ve been to these deprived areas of our communities and to see the smiles of the recipients really makes this worthwhile. Thank you so much for your support.

There is one more thing we need….. and that’s your vote. Please click on the button below to vote for us on the National Running Show website.

If you fancy coming along to the National Running Show, you can use code AWARDS to claim a free ticket for the event. Look forward to seeing you there and thank you so much for your amazing support.