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Updated Stats

We are in preparation mode for the National Running Show and want to show off our stats to show what we have achieved since we started as a Community Interest Company in September 2022.

Since then, we have prevented 9,173 items of sportswear from heading to landfill. This equates to to around 4,000kg.

6,866 (74.85%) items has been redistributed to charities / organisations who help individuals in need. Full list is in my comment to this post.

1,001 (10.91%) items have been resold through our pop-up stalls and our online shop.

846 (9.22%) items have been repurposed. This includes medal ribbons and damaged clothing that has been sent to Little ReCreations to turn them into running belts and other running gear.

338 (3.68%) items we currently have in stock on the Preloved Sports website.

65+ items are awaiting processing

36 items have been rebranded with the Preloved Sports or Re-Action logos.

💚 All of our stock will be available to purchase at the National Running Shop 💚

We are extremely proud of what the Preloved Sports team have achieved so far, reducing waste heading to landfill whilst supporting people in need.

2023 has been an eye opener for us. Families in extreme poverty where the system has failed them. Individuals who have made bad choices but rejected by the system and the communities. Those who have been involved in an accident that has changed their life, forcing them to sleep rough. We are seeing an increase in this demand and we are looking at funding so we can expand our operations and help support more people in need.

Our aim is to have a unit that will act as a shop and warehouse and a one we can expand to form a community hub for those who feel they are socially distant from the communities. It’s an ambition that I hope to bring to reality in the near future as our dining room is almost at maximum capacity.