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National Running Show 2024

A Heartfelt Thank You to everyone!

We are beyond grateful for the incredible response at the National Running Show 2024! Your enthusiasm and support, ideas & stories have blown us away. We didn’t expect such an overwhelming turnout, and it’s all thanks to the amazing running community! Being the National Running Show’s Recycling Centre, we weren’t sure what to expect. Many people were donating items to us with others buying them from the pile. This was something we didn’t expect and it worked really well.

Over the weekend, we had some amazing conversations with people who were intrigued about Preloved Sports and what we do. Some of these conversations brought tears to the eyes of others and us

We are a not for profit business that relies on sales to help us achieve our goals of redistributing sportswear to those in need but sometimes, it’s not all about sales. They help with our running costs, making us completely self-sufficient but the conversations we have had with people, and listening to their stories make it all worth while.

A lady purchased some items from us and thanked us. A little taken back, we said that we should be thanking her but she explained that running helps with her mental health. Unfortunately she was struggling with personal circumstances and thanked us for making running more affordable for her. We know how important running / fitness is to your mental health and wellbeing but running gear can be expensive. We provide a solution to make it affordable for everyone.

A big thank you to Kirsty from Little reCreations for handcrafting what can only be described as an incredible work of art. This banner is made from repurposed race tees, medal ribbons and tent fabric. Isn’t it a work of art.

With much love to tent_share, Earth Runs, Pair.Ups, @ellies._world, Gavin & everyone from @re_action_collective – your support has been invaluable!

Much love,

The Preloved Sports Team! ❤️