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Primal Runners

Last week, we posted up a picture on our socials of Preloved Sportswear being packaged up and ready to head to the south coast to support the refugees.

When you donate a pair of trainers to Preloved Sports, you’re probably not thinking too much about who will end up wearing them. Nor would you realise that they give an opportunity to chase down a dream.

But it can and it does.

These two gentlemen were one of the first recipients of running shoes we donated to the refugee camp. Both have represented their country in international football. Both hold dreams of playing again professionally, here in the UK.

Thanks to the random acts of kindness donating and buying with Preloved Sports, these guys can start their training and achieve their dream, with thanks to those who donated them at the National Running Show.

For us at Preloved Sports, its not all about profits. Yes we need sales and donations (both sportswear and financial), but this helps us cover the costs of partnerships like this, to provide opportunities, inspiration and support to others.

Thank you everyone for your support 💚

It really means a lot, not just to the recipients but to us as well.