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Latest Donation to Carecent

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Citizen Friday is a campaign that encourages people to become citizens rather than buying stuff they don’t need from the Black Friday sales. One of the missions of Citizen Friday was to encourage sharing and over at Preloved Sports, we do this regularly.This morning, the team donated a large box of donationsto Carecent who help support those who are sleeping rough or socially excluded members of the community.

116 items donated, including socks, clothing, gloves, buffs and a couple of pairs of trainers.

Whilst we were there, we got to speak to a handful of individuals who use Carcent as they recognised the Rat Race name on Michael’s jacket. Many of us live in comfort in our own homes but whilst talking to these guys, you realise how an injury or personal circumstances have changed their lives. We also managed to share the work we do in helping people like them and this is through the generosity of others.

We couldn’t do this without the support of everyone donating through Preloved Sports. Thank you so much for this support. It is greatly appreciated.