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Head of Partnerships : Ellie

Ellie Wardell is a dedicated advocate for sustainable sports initiatives, recognised for her multifaceted roles as the Head of Partnerships at Preloved Sports CIC, a committed member of the Green Runners community, a consultant for sustainable sport events, and an intersectional environmentalist. With a profound commitment to addressing societal and environmental challenges, Ellie brings her fervor for inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity to the forefront of her work.

Driven by a deep-seated passion to dismantle barriers within the realm of sports, Ellie endeavors to foster an environment where individuals and communities can engage in sports freely and equitably. Her vision centers around removing the multifaceted obstacles that hinder participation and inclusion, thereby creating a more inclusive landscape for all.

In her capacity as the Head of Partnerships at Preloved Sports CIC, Ellie plays a pivotal role in orchestrating collaborations with governing bodies, event organizers, non-profit organizations, and brands specialising in athletic attire, footwear, and nutrition. Her strategic initiatives aim to garner support and commitment from diverse stakeholders in advancing the vision of socially and environmentally responsible sports.

Ellie’s approach is marked by her unwavering dedication to advocating for sustainable practices within the sports industry. Her expertise as a consultant for sustainable sport events underscores her commitment to integrating environmentally friendly strategies into the fabric of athletic activities.

By leveraging her expertise and networks, Ellie strives to create meaningful partnerships that promote sustainable, inclusive, and socially responsible approaches to sports. Her relentless pursuit of a more accessible and equitable sporting landscape stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to effecting positive change within the sports community and beyond.

Welcome to the Preloved Sports Team, Ellie.