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Latest Redistribution

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Yes, this is a pile of boxes but they contain 36.5kg of Preloved Sportswear, trainers and medal ribbons but they’re all destined for a new life elsewhere.

We work with a growing network of charities and organisations who help individuals in need.

▪️ 1 box containing 3 pairs of hiking boots/trainers and 1 wetsuit, was sent to Kitsquad CIC who make the outdoors more accessible to others.

▪️ 3 boxes of trainers, sportswear and brand new kids PE Kit, was sent to Team Lovelight who help support deprived families in the Canterbury area.

▪️ 1 box was sent to Little ReCreations as part of a repurposing project we are working on to help keep old/damaged items out of landfill (more details will be announced soon on this).

It is a challenge at times juggling a full time job, home / family life, running and Preloved Sports CIC but I do this as we’re able to help more people in need, reduce waste and make running / cycling more accessible to others.