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New Partnership: INTO ULTRA

We are delighted to be working with Into Ultra, who helps get more people ultrarunning by covering the costs for those less able to afford it.

into ultra was formed by a small group of ultrarunners who enjoy ‘going long’ and the benefits it brings: 

  • physical and mental well-being
  • sense of community
  • new friends
  • more confidence
  • and we’ve even had some fun

However, for many there are barriers to getting into ultrarunning. One of these is money: the cost of race entry fees, coaching, equipment and travel can be too expensive for many.  That’s reflected in the start line in many races: lower income groups are under-represented.  As too are female and ethnic groups.  

into ultra its aimed at improving diversity, inclusion, and accessibility to UK ultra running, by covering costs for runners who are under-resourced and under-represented in the sport.

into ultra has access to a small fund to help those unable to afford ultrarunning by providing financial support or access to free/discounted support.  We are currently in a ‘prototype’ stage: in time we hope that into ultra will have a broad base of donors and supporters and be established with charitable status so that we can provide more support to more people.  For now we are relying on the small fund to test out the idea and see how it best works.

Preloved Sports is providing items to applicants at a heavily discounted rate to help applicants purchase what they need at minimal cost (this is constantly being reviewed and we hope to offer items for free at a later date). We are also working with Ultra Trails who are providing a local applicant the opportunity to run one of their ultras for free. This applicant will also be provided with as much of the kit as necessary for that event.

To find out more about Into Ultra and to apply for assistance, please visit Into Ultra’s website: