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Preloved Sports Update

September 2022

When we launched Preloved Sports in April 2021, we were unsure how the project would go. We needed to test the water and the only way we could do this without a huge financial investment was set Preloved Sports as a sole organisation.

These last 16 months have been challenging but absolutely amazing. Due to the demand and the number of donations being received, we were struggling to keep on top of everything and at one point, we were about 2 months behind on adding items to the shop.

Jack joined the team and we’ve been growing from strength to strength since. We’ve saved hundreds of items heading to landfill whilst raising over £1,500 for charity. We have also worked to supply clothing and footwear to charities who help individuals in need.

Due to the growing popularity of Preloved Sports, we have taken the decision to register as a Community Interest Company. We follow the same values and principles as before but provides reassurance to the public and other businesses about the work we do to reduce waste whilst helping as many people as we can.

Nothing much will change as we will continue to do exactly what we’ve done since our launch in April 2021. The only change will be a change to our name (Preloved Sports CIC). Preloved Sports CIC will continue to be a not-for-profit company and neither, Michael, Natalie or Jack receive any financial gain from the running of Preloved Sports CIC.

Preloved Sports wouldn’t be where it is today without your support, and we can’t thank you enough for that.